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Humans are born with the potential to grow. In the first years of our lives, we go through several huge growth spurts, but also later in life we are always capable of expanding our abilities. Every man has within him the capability to choose for a developmental direction even when we can feel tide down due to certain circumstances, heading towards this goal brings movement and  opens up new options and helps change circumstances.

Once you commit yourself to the potential of growth, you will find that the horizon widens out and expands further and broader. When we are true to ourselves, we often challenge ourselves to "get the most out of it" - this is often founded on a deeper inner need to expand our capabilities.

Such soul searching are interesting processes that can affect the many different layers of our (concious)being. It takes some courage, energy and will power to overcome the barriers. The effect is very often comprehensive and will move not only himself or herself but also be of significance to his or her surroundings.

Important for setting out on such a journey is the inner motivation of the person and especially during the initial phase. The rapport between the two parties should click and there must be sufficient confidence in order for progress to be made.