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Richard ter Haar offers professional & personal development programs to diverse sectors. In addition, he is also available for projects on freelance basis. Richard has a broad network of consultants, supervisors, coaches, and therapists who together can form working solutions for your needs and when needed also offer referrals.

Richard ter Haar has been working in various functions with a common ground in leading and guiding people on a path of improvement and change, since 1995. (click here for resumé) This speaks volumes for his interest in the diversity of men. An important quality is that Richard in addition to being a motivated listener he also possesses strong analytical observation skills.

Since 2004 Richard has led diverse individuals, group and team development processes. Next to his daily work as care coordinator in a secondary school and group work in (forensic) psychiatry, he is also a therapist in training. Examples of the variety of clients who have used his professional services include:

• International business
• Social & Cultural Youth Organisation
• Psychiatry / Addiction Care Institution
• High School
• Youth Health & Welfare Organisation
• Youth Care

In addition to companies and institutions, Richard has also provided and provides individuals help and guidance in personal development and change motivation.